Home Inspector Licensing in Massachusetts

​”It is unlawful for an individual, corporation, or private entity to perform home inspections in Massachusetts without a state appointed license, distributed by the Division of Professional Licensure” – Board of Home Inspectors.

The process to become registered with the states Division of Professional Licensure as a Home Inspector in Massachusetts is a lengthy, educational and multifaceted process. This process typically takes 2-3 years.

First and foremost, the interested candidate must register and successfully complete the states 1-year classroom education program. Instructed by licensed and retired professional Massachusetts Home Inspectors and Engineers, this classroom time covers all the construction trades, theories and practices that apply to most historic and modern residential construction. Additionally, the class covers in depth the report writing, ethical, legal devices and standards of practice set forth by the state.

To obtain an Associate License, an applicant must first perform at least 25 fee paid inspections accompanied by a licensed home inspector and pass the National Home Inspector’s Examination prepared by the American Society of Home Inspectors. He or she must be sponsored by a licensed home inspector and be covered by state mandated Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Full licensure as a registered professional home inspector involves performing, at least, an additional 100 home inspections over a period of time not to exceed 1 year. The Associate Inspector may then apply for this full license with sponsorship from a licensed home inspector in Massachusetts and be covered by state mandated Errors and Omissions Insurance.

To obtain an official list of all actively registered and licensed Home Inspectors from the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure, please visit: https://license.reg.state.ma.us/public/hi_biz/v_list_hi.asp