The way businesses across many industries capture and share visual data has been dramatically transformed by the use of commercial drones. Using our state of the art drones, we can quickly, cost-effectively and safely deliver high quality HD aerial images, video and visual data for use for the following applications:

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate
    • A unique way to inspect out-of-site structures like roofing, chimneys/steeples, solar panels, etc.
    • An incredible way for Realtors to market and give their listings a strong competitive edge.
  • Construction Site Inspections
    • This application can help developers keep track of construction or inspect site damage.
    • A cost effective and safe alternative to hiring a helicopter crew for potentially risky or tight locations.
  • Insurance Assessments
    • Damage inspection, property review and risk assessment. Our drones can safely and easily inspect damaged roofs and other hard to access locations.
  • Surveying
    • Use our aerial photography service to assist in planning your next real estate development project.
  • Advertising and Promotion
    • From a bird’s eye view, use our state of the art drones to showcase your wedding venue, hotel, marina, restaurant, store front, festival or golf course.

Although there are some drawbacks, we believe the current applications and uses of drones by far outweigh the cons of the technology.

For more perspective, check out this article by Ohio University’s College of Engineering covering 7 Pros & Cons of Drones

– All of our projects are custom designed to your specific needs –

– Our drones capture stunning high resolution photos and video –

– Safe & Fast Inspections –

Using drones, we can supply you with visual data to support all aspects of planning, monitoring and compliance for your development projects. Whether helping you make a more effective bid on a property, or demonstrating progress to management for an in-progress project, accurate aerial information allows all parties to visualize the initial scope of the project, monitor its project, and predict potential challenges in advance.

We can assist with:

Roof Inspections

Land Management

Construction Projects

Solar Inspections

Chimney Inspections

Steeple Inspections

Towers and Structures

Insurance and Audits



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