Purchasing a multi-family home can be an excellent way to generate passive income and build equity in a property.  While the rewards can be high, the stakes are usually high too. The infrastructure and systems in multi-family homes can be larger and more complex.  Sometimes the presence of multiple systems for multiple units also equates to a higher cost of maintenance and unwanted stress.

Our inspection and report will prepare you for what needs to be repaired or replaced, what safety concerns exist and where any major areas of liability could be hiding.  As with any home, you should also expect there will be a list of routine ongoing maintenance tasks you should plan to perform as the new property owner.

A Multi-Family Inspection by Inspections Plus will greatly reduce the risk of costly hidden surprises with what is likely to be a significant business decision.  Our goal is to help educate you and reinforce your security and confidence in your decision. 

Consider that the quality of tenants you attract to a rental property is often dependent on the cleanliness and appearance of the unit and the surrounding property. When considering an investment property purchase, keep in mind the potential cost of these aesthetic and visual improvements. Good tenants reduce the inconvenience of collecting delinquent rent, minimize building maintenance, reduce repairs from intentional damage as well as reduce possible evictions.

Thinking about selling your Multi-Family?

As you prepare to sell your Multi-Family property, a Seller’s Pre-Sale Inspection is just as important as when you bought the property.  Knowing the issues puts you in a better business and negotiating position.  It also gives you the peace of mind to control the timing and execution of any repairs to be made, without pressure from a potential buyer.


Massachusetts Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

Attorney General’s Guide to Landlord/Tenant Rights